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A visit to Sweden which is the largest of the Scandinavian countries is a must if you enjoy old world country punctuated with sophisticated city life and cultural activities. Sweden travel advice would focus mostly on the delightful must see places as well as which months are coldest if this is a concern for one or alternatively if you are looking for beauty and ice skating.

Although most of Sweden is covered by rich green forest, and caressed by sparkling lakes, it is punctuated with bustling clean cities of organized beauty. Stockholm bears testimony to this fact, with its gorgeous waterfront, pristine lake and friendly people. Most of the inhabitants are fluent in English which is a great help to any lonely or lost traveler. So a visit to Stockholm should be on ones top ten to see list

If medieval charm and Renaissance beauty is your thing, visit Gamla which is both charming and beautiful. The buildings are gorgeous in their past era elegance, and the winding roads which flow between then a delight to walk. In summer the country is bathed in light up until midnight which means a bit of additional sight see time.

A lot of travelers and citizens alike, use cycling as a way to get around, and why not amidst such splendor? so do consider hiring a cycle for the day to get in as much as you can while invigorating the soul. Besides most could do with a bit of casual exercise.

If it is picnics or walks you are after, most of Sweden pays host to this activity but try Haga Park for its relaxing spa like environment. Fishing and canoeing is also popular in one of the many pristine lakes, so if this is your focus make sure to dress warmly between November and April as these are very cold months. Better for ice skaters and purveyors of beautiful scenery as most of Stockholm is covered in a cool white blanket of snow.

As well as these tempting outdoor activities, Sweden also offers a rich night life. Whether you are culturally inclined or just simply want to party the night away.

Tuck into Sweden's substantial cuisine which consists mostly of Pork, Beef and crayfish, covered in rich gravy. Alongside this the swedes prefer a tangy or sour taste so longoberry jam is used with these dishes. Breads of all shapes and sizes are served, with big helpings of potatoes. This helps to ward off the winter chills and set you up for the day. But you can also order a good Pizza in Sweden too.

Your Sweden visit would not be complete without a visit to the Kulturhuset which means house of culture. A great cluster of books stores, art shops coffee houses where culture and art is discussed and exhibited, so should be featured in on your Sweden travel advice booklet. Particularly if you are a culture vulture. Sweden has both night and day travel delights to offer one can only try to savor them all.

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