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Spain, does it mean Barcelona or vice versa? Capital city of Cataluña area in the northwest of Spain. It's Ideal Holiday Travel destination. In this unique city, traveler can enjoy in nice hotels and restaurants, as it is underlined in every Holiday Travel Guide online.

Most visitors don't realize that Catalans do not see themselves as Spanish. Catalonia is an autonomous region of Spain, with Barcelona as the capital. Catalans make up about 50 per cent of the population, they speak their own language and have their own customs and traditions that do not include bullfighting and flamenco.

All in one, visiting Barcelona mean visit Spain, and naturally what is the best time to visit this nice city?

Depend less what you want to fill, at the end the filling will be the same, unique and unforgettable Holiday Travel.

Summer is the hottest period but most crowded time in the year. Beaches are filled, air is humid and if you want to be wet all over the time. If you want to see naked young bodies on the beaches and street go to Barcelona at summer. For that kind of filling July and August are the best. Summer is not good for site seeing, you are wet all of the time.

Despite summer time being in Barcelona for the Christmas period is totally different. For this period your Holiday Travel Guide should lead you to the museums, specific architecture and Spanish people. Catalans (people that live and are born in Barcelona) are known for their independent spirit and their sense of humor. But unfortunately if you don't speak Spanish you'll have big problems understanding, Holiday Travel Guide should be there to assist you. That is different filling and big challenge. There are no signboards in English and if you do not speak Spanish (or preferably Catalan), you are better off with a phrase book to guide you around. Knowing Catalan, you will be the master in Barcelona.

One of the most important reason who inspire to reach Barcelona is fact that "Barca" was home of Gaudi, Dali, Joan Miro and Picasso. 10 years before his death, he donated a large amount of art to an institution dedicated to his work - the Picasso Museum. Your holiday travel guide should point you that Barcelona is the city of football, as well. Football's stadium "Camp Nou" with official name "Nou Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona", inaugurated 24 Sep 1956, is the Football epicenter of Europe and the world. The visit of this magnificent facility should be part of your holiday travel trip and its mandatory part of every holiday travel guide plan. There are special guided tours for visiting this facilities, everything what have to do from you is to book on line on Holiday Travel Guide sites. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity! Visit the stadium of one of the most important teams in the world.

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