Superb Netherlands Antilles Attractions

The exciting mountainous terrain coupled with the azure Caribbean Sea are one of the major highlights of the Netherlands Antilles attractions. Experience the best kept secrets of the Caribbean!

City Overview:

Constituted of two Island groups- the Curacao and Bonaire islands on one side and the Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and Saba islands on the other, these special territories are the scarcely touched little tracts on the Caribbean trail. Part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, these islands offer you the rugged landscapes which are Nature's very own creations.

Places which you must visit

  • The small but vibrant Curacao Islands are absolutely overflowing with surprises. Go sailing or hiking or just soak in the captivating beauty.
  • Visit the Christoffel National Park to get a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna. It used to be plantation so you even explore the ruins of slave quarters and plantation buildings. An important one of those Netherlands antilles attractions!
  • Hang out at the beaches at Sint Eustatius or walk around the historical sites of Fort Amsterdam or Fort Oranje; find out about the Three Widows Corner!
  • Check out the Maho bay or the Mullet Pont bay beaches at Sint Maarten and participate in water sports like snorkeling and sailing.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Nature as you check out the wild life of the area at Washington-Slagbaai National Park and don't forget to go horseback riding.

Things you must do:

  • Check out the colonial architecture of the Dutch school and the beautiful harbor and bridge at Willemstad, the territorial capital of Curacao.
  • Wonder at the strange DiviDivi trees which grow only in one direction due to powerful winds. One of the main Netherlands Antilles Attractions!
  • Go scuba diving and wind surfing in Bonaire.
  • Take a pirate cruise to feel like a real adventurer.

Shopping and Sports in the city:
Enjoy duty free shopping at the Sint Maarten Island and sample the ethnic jewelry on sale. Perfumes, leather goods and much more are easily available in the stores. Buy intriguing food items that will provide you with a very different experience. 

Diving is the most popular sport in this area while there are excellent facilities for other types of sports like sailing, paragliding, jet skiing and much more. A very peaceful location to enjoy a calm holiday, you can nonetheless have a lot of fun with the adventure sports. The list of Netherlands Antilles attractions just doesn't seem to end!

How to spend nightlife:

Relax with cool Calypso music or sway to the jazz beats. Enjoy the liquor at the nightclubs and beach bars under the clear night sky for a hell of an experience. A vibrant nightlife with great sea food and lots of rum will leave you wanting more! Check out the casinos to try your luck and enjoy yourself.

Famous Festivals:

Witness the welcoming culture of the locals when you visit the Curacao Carnival, the most flamboyant and flashy festival of the island. Watch the explosion of the effigy of King Momo, who symbolizes all things bad. Go wild with the different foods & drinks on offer and have the time of your life.

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