The Benefits of Using a Tour Guide When Travelling Somewhere New

Author: Chris Tomkins

If you are travelling with a guide, you have an advantage over the individuals who choose to go it alone. While everyone prefers different types of travel, it's worthwhile to try escorted tours at least once. Traveling with a guide has a number of benefits that you can't foresee until you give it a shot.

Kiss Lines Good-Bye

One of the major advantages of traveling with a guide is you can often get through lines that would otherwise involve waiting for several hours. This allows you to see more of the city you're in and not spend hours at a time wishing that you'd brought something to do.

Learn More

Escorted tours are expensive for a reason: they're way more informational. When you go through a building, such as the Vatican in Vatican City, Italy or the Chateau de Versailles outside of Paris, France, with a guide, you can see rooms that people without a guide can't access. The guides also know about the art, the decorations and the history of the building and everything you're seeing. And they'll be sharing it with you. If you were to go it alone, you might be able to borrow a headset and listen to a rote description of an object, but you'd miss a lot of information that you can glean with someone who knows what they're doing.

Skip the Tourist Traps

When you travel, you quickly learn that there are two types of tourist attractions: Things you should see because they're worth your time, money and energy and those that you skip. When you travel with a guide, you don't need to limit your options to only the most popular attractions. Instead, a guide can lead you through the city expertly, pointing out over-priced shopping centres, attractions that cost more than they're worth, while guiding you to the things that you really shouldn't miss.

Find Something Unexpected

One of the most advantageous parts of traveling with a guide is that you get to find things that you would never see otherwise. The farmer's market just outside of town. The cozy cafe that only locals know about. The delicious restaurant where the food is so juicy, amazing and well-priced it's amazing that it's not starred on the map. Except it's hidden by winding streets that seem to lead nowhere in particular and without a guide, you never would have found it.

Negotiate a Deal

A tour guide can negotiate prices on your behalf. They can make sure you're paying what's reasonable and you get the best possible price.

Participating in escorted tours is well worth every cent. Explore a new city or an old city and be amazed by all that you've missed.

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